Finding Network Utility in OS X El Capitan

Back when I was doing a lot of Mac consulting, one of my go-to tools was Network Utility, a handy app that was always in the Utilities folder where I could bring it up to troubleshoot network problems. Now that I'm "just" a publisher/blogger, I don't have that much of a need to use Network Utility. So this weekend when I was working on setting up encryption for the site and ran into some issues, I decided it was time to use my old favorite utility again... but I couldn't find it. It turns out it's still around on all of our Macs, just in hiding.

Sure, you can do pings, traceroutes and all of that other stuff from the Terminal, but I prefer using the nice familiar UI of Network Utility. The official path for the app is:

Macintosh HD > System > Library > Core Services > Applications > Network Utility

There's an easier way to launch it, though. Select "About This Mac..." from the Apple menu, then click on the System Report button in the window that appears. The System Information tool opens; select Window > Network Utility from the menu bar. Now you can ping, lookup, traceroute, whois and finger addresses as much as you'd like!

Note that I did try to make an alias to the Network Utility so that I could drag it to the familiar location in the Utilities folder, but unfortunately it appears that you can't make aliases for applications that are in hidden folders. If anyone does know of a way to do this, please let us all know in the comments below.