Apple's 'Shot on iPhone 6' ad campaign is back with iPhone 6s images

Photo by Kate Schemerhorn via  Time . 

Photo by Kate Schemerhorn via Time

Last year, Apple ran an ad campaign titled "Shot on iPhone 6" that highlighted photos taken by amateur and professional photographers from around the world. The campaign started on the Apple homepage, then moved to billboards in major cities. Time is reporting that the campaign is back, this time focusing on photos captured with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

This year's campaign is taking a different approach, focusing on portraits instead of the variety of subjects (landscapes, macro shots) presented last year. 53 images in total are featured, with 41 different amateur and professional photographers showing their work. 

The photos started showing up on billboards in 85 cities in 26 countries yesterday. It's unknown if or when Apple will display the photography on the Apple website.