olloclip kicks iPhoneography up a notch with Connect interchangeable lenses

olloclip’s new Core lens set features new optics and a new design that allows it to work over screen protectors and allows you to change out the lenses. This kicks the company’s already impressive line-up of photography accessories for the Apple smartphone to a new level.

The newly designed mobile photography product for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus includes the Core, Active and Macro Pro lens sets. The updated designs feature new premium multi-element optics, the new Connect interchangeable lens system, and a hinged lens base that keeps the lens flush with the camera for improved 

optical performance while, as mentioned, allowing compatibility with most screen protectors. And I ALWAYS have a screen protector on my iPhone 7 Plus.

Like lenses used on larger, professional DSLR cameras, olloclip lenses are designed to provide similar perspectives and are small enough to fit in a pocket, purse or hand. The Connect interchangeable lens system attaches and aligns instantly to both the front and rear cameras of an iPhone with no extra parts required. It’s similar to the precision fit of over-ear headphones.

The system works great. Just click on the focal piece on top of the phone and the lens will align directly with your iPhone’s camera. With all the lens that work with the system, you’ll be able to take pics with your Apple smartphone that were previously impossible to capture.

The Core system (the only one I’ve tested) comes with Fisheye, Super-Wide, and Micro 15X lenses. The former provides a near 180-degree spherical effect. The Super-Wide offers a 120-degree-plus field-of-view that’s great for capturing landscapes. The Macro 15x gives you 15x magnification for really close close-ups.

The new lens systems include a wearable Pendant Stand that keeps the lenses readily accessible and opens to create a pocket-sized tripod. Pricing for the olloclip lens sets for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is $99.99. You can buy additional lens sets that work seamlessly with the Connect system: an Active Lens Set for $119.99, a Macro Pro Lens Set for $79.99, and a Combo (Core Lens Set and ollo Case) for $119.99.

You can check out our reviews of olloclip lens here, here, and here. AWT has always been impressed with the quality of olloclip lenses. However, those in the new lens sets are better than ever thanks to coated glass optics and edge-to-edge clarity.