iPhone users and millennials prefer video ads over other types

Fiksu DSP, a data-fueled mobile marketing company, has released results of its first consumer survey. The report — which surveyed more than 500 U.S. consumers ages 18 to 70 — covers patterns in app engagement among different segments of the population, concerns around mobile advertising and insight into what drives downloads. Among the findings:

  • Eighty-seven percent of smartphone users engage with 10 or fewer apps daily.
  • Twenty-one percent of respondents reported downloading a new app because they had seen an ad for it on their phone.
  • Millennials are even more open to mobile app ads, with 33% citing ads as the primary reason for downloading a new app.
  • Seventy-nine percent of people are adding at least one new app when they get a new phone, with 17% of that group adding more than five apps.

The gap between desktop and mobile is closing fast, according to Fiksu. Survey respondents claim to be slightly more likely to click on a desktop ad than a mobile ad (26% vs. 24%), but millennials are 26% more likely to click on mobile ads than rest of population. Millennials also responded more favorably to in-app advertisements, and were 22% more likely to prefer those types of ads over ads found in their mobile browser. When it comes to the type of ad that users like the most, respondents favored banner ads and video. iPhone users and millennials preferred video the most, ranking that ad format higher than banners. 

More than 85% of respondents said they plan to do some holiday shopping online this season. Of the people who will be doing online shopping, 45% plan to do more than a quarter of their online shopping via mobile, according to Fiksu. 

Of those who plan to do at least 75% of their mobile shopping online, 84%are likely to shop via a mobile app. Millennials are even more likely to be shopping on their phones this holiday season, as nearly 57% of millennials plan to do more than a quarter of their online shopping via mobile.