A quick overview of Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run was released on the iOS App Store this morning. This is Nintendo's first offering on the iPhone and there are great expectations for the game.

I downloaded Super Mario Run, then played the tutorial and a couple of levels before writing this quick overview. Gameplay is very easy and very colorful. If you played Mario before I'm sure you will enjoy this game. The iPhone 7 Plus handles the game with no problem whatsoever.

I'm in level two and I can tell that the gameplay is going to get more complex with more enemies and rewards. You play through various worlds as you work your way to the objective, which is to rescue the princess Peach. 

This is by no means a review as I've only played for about five minutes. I will provide a more detailed review after I've played for a few days and see if the gameplay is enough to make me want to spend the $10 for the full version. 

After playing for just a few minutes I find myself eager to get back to the game --  that's a good sign!