Apple activates single sign-on in tvOS 10.1 and iOS 10.2 betas

Apple has activated single sign-on for tvOS 10.1 beta and iOS 10.2 beta testers. It gives customers in the US a simplified way of enjoying pay-TV video channels.

Users only have to sign in once on Apple TV to enjoy immediate access to their favorite video channels that are included as part of their pay-TV subscription. Once a user is signed into one network app, any other app on Apple TV from participating pay-TV providers will automatically log the user into all other supported apps requiring authentication. 

During the single sign-on process, customers can view a page of all the authenticated apps that a pay-TV provider offers to more easily discover, download and enjoy all of their favorite video channels. Any network-TV app can take advantage of this technology to enable single sign-on and simplify the process for their viewers.