Daily Deal: The Pay What You Want Learn To Code Bundle


The season of deals is upon us, and we're starting the week of Black Friday with one of our patented "Pay What You Want" bundles. This time, it's the Learn to Code bundle, and you determine the price you want to pay.  

How does this work? Regardless of what you choose to pay, you'll get something valuable. If you decide to pay more than the average price, you unlock additional goodies and get the entire package. Pay more than any of your peers and you get onto the leaderboard, giving you an entry in our giveaway. 

The bundle consists of 10 online classes worth $1,573, providing knowledge of: 

  • Google's Go programming language
  • Python: Beginner to Advanced
  • Scala
  • Projects in Programming: Ruby, Python, and Java
  • Angular 2: Beginner to Advanced
  • iOS 10 and Swift 3
  • Web development master class: Beginner to Advanced
  • Git complete mastery and GitHub
  • Rails
  • JavaScript

Sure, it might be a bit early to start thinking of resolutions for the new year, but getting a bundle of training this year can get you in the running for a new career in 2017. Grab the Learn to Code Bundle and you'll have a head start!