Out with the old comments, in with the new

One of the more problematic things about running a site like Apple World Today is the comment system. We try to run a balance between getting a ton of comment spam and making it easy for readers to use, and as a result we were using the built-in Squarespace comment system. That system has some issues on occasion where people can't log in properly, so we're going to make a change.

Sometime soon, we'll switch over to Disqus (pronounced "discuss") as our comment system. There are a few reasons for doing this; it gives us more moderation controls, the system is used by many major websites so you may already have a login, and you can also use your social media accounts to log in and make comments. Finally, and I know this will not make frequent commenters happy, Disqus can at some point supply Apple World Today with ad revenue.

Sadly, we will not be able to migrate comments from the old system to the new system, so for older posts there will not be any comments. Going forward, we'd love for you to all take more advantage of leaving comments!

Have any questions or concerns? Let us know in the existing, soon-to-expire comment system below.