Company plans an Apple Watch strap that will put cameras on your wrist

Glide, a company known for its messaging software, is building the CMRA, an Apple Watch smartwatch strap that adds both a two-megapixel selfie cam and an eight-megapixel shooter for capturing what is in front of the watch wearer. It’s available for pre-order for $149; eventually, the pride will be $249. 

According to Glide, the CMRA — due to ship next spring — will have sport all-day battery life and LED indicators that inform uses when it’s in use. It will also ship with a dual charging dock that charges both the Apple Watch and the CMRA.

“The camera is only valuable when it is out and ready to take a photo or video,” Glide CEO Ari Roisman told recode. “Our phones live in our pockets.