How to migrate to new MacBook Pros using Paragon Hard Disk Manager

With the release of new MacBook Pros, lots of Mac users will be migrating to thenew systems. Paragon Software has released a guide of seven steps on how to migrate in the most efficient, fastest and safest way and how to securely and permanently wipe data on the old system.

Once you decide to buy Apple’s Lamborghini of laptop computers, you’ll first need to transfer all the data from your old system. Of course, it’s possible to do with built-in Mac utilities like Time Machine or Migration Assistant, but does that really transfer all of your data? The most reliable method is to make a full copy of your disk using a specialized third-party utility like Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac.

All you need is your old and brand-new Macs, plus a cable to connect between them. Once you have everything necessary, follow these steps:

  • Power up your new Mac while holding the “T” key down to enter Target Disk Mode. Once the machine starts this way, it will appear as an icon on the desktop of the other computer.
  • Connect a cable between the two Macs and open Paragon HDM for Mac on your old machine. To launch the “Copy Hard Disk” wizard, right-click on the hard disk (largest rectangle with partitions inside) and select “Copy Disk”.
  • Specify the target hard disk using the drop-down menu.
  • If you wish to copy the entire hard disk, leave all Source Partitions checked. You may also want to uncheck Resize boxes, if this feature isn’t necessary. Otherwise, uncheck the “Copy” box for partitions you no longer want or need.
  • Use the “Raw” option to copy partitions in sector-by-sector mode, which makes the resulting partition an identical clone of the original. This also helps avoid problems with processing unrecognized or protected file systems.
  • Click “Copy.” You now have the opportunity to preview your changes before the transfer takes place. Press “Apply Operations,” followed by “Apply,” then sit back and let HDM for Mac do the rest!

This method saves a lot of time, and works at full speed, limited only by the speed of the cable being used for the transfer. There’s no dependence on slower Wi-Fi connections or broadband internet speeds. You’ll want to make sure both machines are plugged into AC power, however, since transferring so much data can take an hour or more. When you are finished, you can boot up your new Mac and use it exactly like the older model.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac is not just for copying. It can also be used for drive partitioning, file system optimization and repair functions, data backup capabilities, and irreversible data wiping. It also supports macOS, Windows, and Linux file systems.