One Day Only: The Black Friday Mac Bundle 2.0 -- 2 weeks early!

November brings us Thanksgiving, snow (in some places), and the inevitable start of the holiday shopping season on Black Friday. We're getting an early start on Black Friday today with The Black Friday Mac Bundle 2.0 for just $19.99. The bundle is available today only, so buy it NOW.

What's in this powerful bundle of nine popular Mac apps? Almost $377 worth of apps and utilities, yours for just $19.99:

Readdle PDF Expert 2.0 for Mac

sually a $59.99 purchase on its own, PDF Expert 2.0 is the best-known way for Mac users to edit PDF text, images, links and outlines. For anyone who works with PDF files -- and who doesn't? -- PDF Expert is an essential piece of software to have on your Mac. 

Call Recorder for FaceTime (from Ecamm Network)

Anyone who uses FaceTime regularly should have Call Recorder for FaceTime. This app, usually $29.95, captures perfect recordings of FaceTime chats, podcasts, and interviews with HD clarity. Once you're done recording, export your files for podcasting or uploading to YouTube or Vimeo. And if you answer iPhone calls with your Mac, simply touch a button and record those calls instantly. 

MainMenu Pro 3

Keep your Mac fast and optimized with MainMenu Pro 3. This app performs a number of functions for you:

  • Run daily, weekly, & monthly maintenance scripts to keep your Mac in shape
  • Free up disk space by cleaning the system cache, font caches, & the caches of all users on your system
  • Find large files eating away at your disk space & eradicate them
  • Create a Clipboard History of the last 10 items you copied
  • Fine-tune your Mac w/ screenshot output changes, disabling Dashboard, & more
  • Save time by grouping your favorite tasks so you can run them in a single action

It's usually a $19.99 value; now that same $19.99 buys you MainMenu Pro 3 and 8 other great apps!


Connecting to mobile hotspots like your iPhone with your Mac? Sadly, that can run up your data usage and your monthly phone bill. TripMode automatically activates when you are using a mobile hotspot, allowing you to decide what apps can use your mobile data and which ones shouldn't. TripMode tracks data usage per app, session, day or month, giving you an idea of which apps use the most data. 

TripMode regularly costs $7.99, but it can save you much more money each month in lower data charges.

AfterShot Pro 3

From Corel, AfterShot Pro 3 is the latest version of the world's leading RAW photo editing software. Built upon an efficient RAW converter, AfterShot Pro 3 gives you the power to upload, edit and manage extremely high quality photos without damaging those files. 

  • Take total control of your photo workflow from the moment you take the shot, while unleashing the flexibility of RAW imaging
  • Watermark your photos to enhance your brand or add important information
  • Regain more of the detail & tone from your overexposed photos with enhanced Highlight Recovery
  • Edit portraits faster & easier w/ Blemish Remover's circle, brush, polygon & freehand tools
  • Browse, preview & download free/for-purchase preset photo looks in the Image Preset Library
  • Make & share your own lens corrections
  • Access a wide variety of plug-ins from big camera brands like Nikon & Canon
  • Share your photos & settings w/ friends and family
  • Use dynamic camera updates to get the latest camera profiles as soon as they're available


Also from Corel is ParticleShop, a set of 11 unique brushes for use with Adobe Photoshop. For a Photoshop user, this $49.99 package is worth the cost of the entire Black Friday Mac Bundle 2.0 alone!

Total Video Converter Pro for Mac

Imagine being able to convert video in over 250 formats at 30 times the speed that you'll see from any other video conversion app. That's Total Video Converter Pro, and it usually runs $29.99.  What can it do for you?

  • Convert videos fast & easily to over 250 formats like MOV, MP4, AVI, MKV, & more
  • Make video optimized to any device, from iPhones to Apple TV to PSP, Xbox 360, & more
  • Burn videos directly to DVD
  • Combine video clips, multiplex videos, & audios into one file
  • Extract lossless music from any video

RapidWeaver 7

When creating a custom website is something you'd like to do but don't want to spend a lot of time doing, reach for RapidWeaver 7. This app from Realmac Software is powerful, yet easy to use. 

  • Build any kind of website w/ complete ease, from a blog, to a portfolio, or even an online store
  • Create professional, mobile-friendly websites
  • Use built-in, SEO optimized code to ensure your site gets seen
  • Rest assured your site will look excellent in any browser
  • Publish your site anywhere w/ RapidWeaver's recognition of files that haven't been uploaded yet
  • Continue building offline
  • Build unlimited websites
  • Extend your website w/ thousands of built-in add ons

RapidWeaver 7 is normally $99; you're getting it as one of the featured apps in the Black Friday Mac Bundle 2.0

CrossOver 15 for Mac

Did you know that there's a way to run Windows apps on your Mac without buying a Windows license, creating a Boot Camp partition, or using a virtual machine? CrossOver lets you play many Windows games, productivity apps, and utility programs quickly and easily. 

  • Run Windows software & games w/o rebooting or installing Windows OS
  • Install Windows applications on your Mac platform w/ one click
  • Operate Windows software at native speed, w/o any limited performance
  • Integrate seamlessly w/ your native desktop environment
  • Launch Windows software natively from the dock
  • Use w/o Windows virus protection needed

CrossOver 15 for Mac usually costs $39.95, and it's a key piece of the Black Friday Mac Bundle 2.0 that you're going to buy for $19.99.