AWT News Update: October 7, 2016

Via Buy his book, dammit. 

Via Buy his book, dammit. 

Have three minutes? We have just a pair of short Apple-related stories for you today, as it is not only Fashion Friday, but Slow News Friday™ as well! 

  • Apple is getting back a jury award that was nabbed from it by three judges in February; and more patent lawsuit fun happens next week
  • Alton Brown's latest cookbook was photographed entirely using an iPhone 6s Plus

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Hi, this is Steve Sande for Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for October 7, 2016. This week our sponsor is Pagico 8, a powerful, cross-platform data and task management application that will keep you or your business running smoothly. Find out more about Pagico 8 for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu Linux, as well as Pagico Plus for iOS and Android by visiting our website at the link found in the show notes.

Remember slide-to-unlock on your iPhone and iPad? Up until iOS 10, that was how you were able to unlock your device, with a swipe to the right on your lock screen. Apple and Samsung, in one of their many patent disputes, were locked in a battle about slide to unlock, which Apple said it had patented for the iPhone. Apple won the patent dispute, but then a three-judge panel tossed the award of almost $120 million to Apple in February. Of course this went back to a federal appeals court, and Apple today won a reinstatement of the award. The court ruled that the panel was wrong this year when it tossed the verdict, and a trial judge has been asked to consider whether Samsung may need to pay more. Oddly enough, Apple and Samsung will finally square off in the US Supreme Court next week, when the justices will hear arguments on another patent violation case. Samsung was originally tapped for over $1 billion in damages in that case, which was later reduced to $548 million. Samsung is hoping that it can reduce that damage amount to an even smaller sum.

I’m a huge fan of Alton Brown, who has been on the Food Network since the early days as a food scientist and celebrity chef. He also writes a lot of cookbooks, and the latest — EveryDayCook — is unique in that every photo in the book was taken with an iPhone 6s Plus. Brown is an Apple fanboy from way back; I used to enjoy spotting various generations of PowerBooks and MacBooks showing up in his famous Good Eats show, and his credits for the cookbook “I’m Just Here for the Food” includes a shout-out to Apple for building the G4 PowerBook that the book was written on. EveryDayCook was published late last month and is currently available in electronic version on the Apple iBooks Bookstore for $15.

That’s all for today; We’ll be back Monday afternoon with another edition of the AWT News Update.