Survey: enterprise IT folks don't find Apple particularly ‘innovative’ anymore

Enterprise IT folks have mixed feelings about Apple, according to a survey of 900 of them from Spiceworks — as noted by Business Insider. Still, Apple ranked second only to Dell in terms of hardware brands discussed by IT pros on the social networking site for IT professionals.

According to the survey, IT folks don’t consider Apple a particularly "innovative" brand to watch in 2017. Only 16% surveyed believed that it was. One reason that the company’s reputation for innovation has fallen is that it’s not considered much of a player in the upcoming tech trends that IT pros are watching and talking about: 3D printers, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and intelligent assistants. 

Google and Amazon are the top two companies IT pros are most excited about when it comes to bringing innovative technology to the workplace. According to Spiceworks, Google got props from IT buyers for Google Fiber, the Google Cardboard VR headset, and its smart cars. Amazon scored high marks, thanks in part to its popular cloud offerings including Amazon Web Services.