IDrive online backups: Sign up with AWT and save 75% on your first year

It's always a good time to think about your backup plans...before you need to do a restore. At Apple World Today, we're big fans of three-level backup redundancy. First, most of us use Time Machine for our primary local backup. There's a second app -- Carbon Copy Cloner -- that's used to produce a second, separate local backup that's bootable. And finally, we use online backups to insure that a physical disaster like a fire or flood won't ruin our day. IDrive is one of the best online backup firms out there, and if you sign up using this Apple World Today link, you get your first year of 1TB of online storage for 75% off -- that's just $14.88.

Having suffered through a hard drive loss in 1999 was bad enough, but my files and backup needs are much more critical now. That's why I entrust my online backup to IDrive and you should to. Any computer or device you own, whether it's a Mac, iPad, iPhone, Windows PC, or Android device, can be backed up to your account. Files are encrypted using military-grade encryption, you can access them at any time from any of your devices, and IDrive even makes it simple to get up to 3 TB of data uploaded quickly with no bandwidth restrictions.

How do they do this? All personal users can request IDrive Express once a year. A hard drive is sent to your home, the IDrive app is used to store your data on it in an encrypted format, and then it's shipped to IDrive where it's loaded onto their backup servers. The cost to you? Nothing!

So if you haven't taken advantage of this Apple World Today deal before, it's time to take stock of your backup strategy and decide if IDrive is right for you. It definitely works for me!