AWT News Update: October 24, 2016

Today was a "kinda slow" news day to start off what should be a rather exciting week of Apple news. Tomorrow's the Q4 2016 Earnings Call, while Thursday Apple is holding its "hello again" Mac event. So what happened on this slow Monday?

  • Some readers reported having issues connecting to Apple's iCloud Music Library today
  • The Apple Watch Nike+ will be available on Friday, October 28
  • T-Mobile says the iPhone 7 was partially responsible for better-than-expected quarterly earnings
  • Mac sales are expected to be down yet again for the quarter that ended on September 30, but Thursday's event will hopefully provide a much needed boost to the Mac line's bottom line. 

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Hi, this is Steve Sande for Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for October 24, 2016. This week’s podcasts are sponsored by Spidercase, a rugged protective case for your iPhone that won’t cost a bundle. Check out the link in the show notes for more information.

If you’re having issues connecting to Apple’s iCloud Music Library today, you’re not alone. We’re getting notifications from readers who are saying that they’re unable to connect to iCloud Music Library. This happened shortly after the release of the iOS and macOS updates earlier today, so we’re not sure if iCloud is just being overworked or what. Oddly, Apple’s system status web page is not showing that there are any issues.

Apple announced today that the Apple Watch Nike+ will arrive on Friday, October 28. That’s perfect for all of you who might be at a nearby Apple Store to pick up a new Mac announced on the 27th. This edition of the Apple Watch is different in that it combines the Apple Watch Series 2 with the new Nike Club app, providing social motivation from friends, guidance from coaches and athletes, and running plans that can help you progress to a higher level of fitness. As with the other Apple Watch Series 2 devices, the Apple Watch Nike+ has built-in GPS for tracking pace, distance and route even without carrying an iPhone along.

Carrier T-Mobile announced its quarterly earnings today, and the results were great — a double-digit increase in earnings, a 165% jump in net income, and improved retention of customers in a business where jumping ship to go to another carrier is very common. So why did total revenues grow by 18 percent year over year? The company attributes it to the launch of the iPhone 7 during the quarter, as well as the introduction of the new T-Mobile One unlimited plans. Even the dynamic and crazy T-Mobile CEO John Legere got an iPhone 7, telling folks he was “quite excited” about getting the jet black model.

Speaking of earnings reports, tomorrow is the day that Apple will announced how it did in its fiscal fourth quarter ending September 30, 2016. Just before each earnings call, analyst Philip Elmer-DeWitt does a poll of other analysts and tries to get a consensus on what to expect. He’s expecting that 4.95 million to 5.09 million Macs were sold during the quarter, which means it’s the fourth year-over-year quarterly decline in a row. That’s not surprising, since Apple has pretty well ignored the Mac line for the past few years, but it’s expected that will all change on Thursday when new MacBook Pros — and hopefully much more — are to be announced.

That’s all for today; We’ll be back Monday afternoon with another edition of the AWT News Update.