WSJ says E Ink keyboards will arrive on 2018 MacBooks

Sonder Keyboard

Sonder Keyboard

Last week's rumor that Apple was working with Australian startup Sonder Design to produce a totally customizable E Ink keyboard appears to have gained a bit of "truth" today, with the Wall Street Journal reporting that Apple is looking at adding the keyboards to MacBooks sometime in 2018. Those keyboards will be able to display multiple alphabet characters, emojis and commands on keys based on what app is currently in use.

The WSJ says that Apple CEO Tim Cook apparently discussed the plans with executives from manufacturing partner Foxconn and with Sonder on October while on a trip to China. None of the companies agreed to comment on the alleged meeting. 

While some sources believed that Apple was in talks to acquire Sonder, the company is part of Foxconn's technology incubator program and it's believed that Foxconn will invest in the company later this year. 

Sonder will begin selling a standalone smart keyboard later in 2016 for $199.