The Sport Wallet v6 and MagMount is an attractive (literally) iPhone combo

First of all, let me admit that I don't know if magnetic based accessories can harm an iPhone or iPad (though I kinda doubt they do). Since today’s review covers two such products you can read the pros and cons here and here. Go ahead and read; I’ll wait.



Back? Good. We’ll continue. Assuming that you aren’t afraid of magnet-based peripherals for an iPhone, Doc Artisan makes two worth your consideration: the Sport Wallet v6 and MagMount

The Sport Wallet v6 is a stylish eather wallet case that provides a Universal Card slot with space for ID, credit cards, and cash. It also boasts RFID blocking power using EMF (electromagnetic forcefield) that purportedly causes a credit card scanner to produce a “jumbled miss-read.” Again, I can’t vouch that this won’t impair an iPhone. However, the folks at Doc Artisan say the built-in magnets aren’t strong enough to damage your credit cards or interfere with the iPhone's optical image stabilization, NFC (used by Apple Pay), or Compass app.

That said, it is the magnetized backing that sets the Sport Wallet apart. Slide the magnetic caseback from the wallet to answer a phone call. When you’re finished talking, your iPhone snaps back into place thanks to its magnets. In fact, the caseback attaches to any metal surface, so you can attach v6-equipped iPhone to, say, a metal cabinet, car hood, etc.

The genuine leather case looks great and seems quite durable. Its rear cutout for the iPhone’s camera means that your view isn’t impeded when you’re snapping pics. Available in brown, black, and tan leather, the v6 isn’t a spur-of-the-moment buy with its $75.

However, if you spring for it, go ahead and fork out another $30 for the MagMount. It and the v6 are meant for each other. 

It’s a mount that attaches to most non-porous surfaces like like finished wood counter tops thanks to its nano suction membrane and traditional lever action suction cup. The top is magnetized so you can attach a caseback-equipped iPhone to it for heads-free use in, for example, a car (not that I’m recommending this). 

The magnetic plate on the MagMount is covered with a rubbery material that holds the smartphone securely and is soft enough that it won’t damage your iPhone. Your Apple smartphone can be twisted and turned in a wide variety of positions due to the convenient pivoting ball joint behind the magnetic grip head.

You can remove the MagMount from one spot and move it to another. If the product quits sucking (sorry, couldn’t resist), you can make it more sucky by wiping it with a wet cloth, then letting it dry.

Still, the fact that its suction could gradually loosen means I can’t recommend it for use in a car. It’s better for use in, say, a kitchen for hands-free viewing or talking as you prepare a meal.

If you don’t fear the use of magnetic accessories, the Sport Wallet/MagMount combo is a (yes, I’m going there) attractive duo for iPhone users.