BLINCAM -- taking photos with a wink

I'm a sucker for any new camera gizmos, and there's one on Indiegogo right now that is almost worth pulling the trigger on. It's BLINCAM, a tiny wearable camera that can be mounted on glasses or sunglasses to take pictures with a wink. 

The concept is similar to Google Glass, but the device can be removed from your glasses or sunglasses so you're not a full-time "Glasshole". Winking or blinking takes the photos totally hands-free, and they're then sent to your iPhone or other smartphone for archiving and sharing. 

The camera uses a fixed focus and has no built-in image stabilization, so the developers suggest that you stop activities when taking photos to prevent blurring. There's no specific word on the camera's resolution other than "HD", which implies a 1920 x 1080 pixel image size. Compared to a smartphone camera, BLINCAM isn't exactly a high-powered camera.

For situations where you'd love to be able to take photos without having to pull an iPhone out of your pocket or a DSLR out of a camera bag, BLINCAM is perfect. It's small enough to not be too noticeable, and I could see where it would be perfect for taking photos in areas where you might fear for the safety of another camera.

The developers plan to release BLINCAM in five different colors if the $30,000 goal is met, and at this point the project is 79% funded with 23 days left in the campaign.

BLINCAM is available for as little as $159 through a "Super Early Bird" special, and the device is expected to ship in April of 2017.