The EdgeGlass protects the screen of the iPhone 7/7 Plus (and — whoo hoo! — is easy to install)

Finally! A screen protector that I can apply on my iPhone without leaving a horde of bubbles, something that drives me nuts. This screen protector is Kanex’s EdgeGlass, which provides edge-to-edge protection for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. 

Made of tempered glass, it offers scratch resistance thanks to its 9H hardness rating. You’ll be happy to have the EdgeGlass installed if/when you drop your Apple smartphone onto a hard surface (something a klutz like me does too often). Unlike some screen protectors that I’ve tried, it doesn’t impede the touch sensitivity of the iPhone 7’s screen.

The EdgeGlass also packs an oil-repelling coating that helps prevent and reduce fingerprints. This makes things easier to clean. 

However, it’s the easy installation that won me over. You just align and press.

There’s also a limited lifetime warranty, which is pretty sweet. If your EdgeGlass ever breaks, return it, and Kanex will replace it.

The Kanex EdgeGlass has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $24.95 (for the iPhone 7) and $29.95 (for the iPhone 7 Plus). It comes in black or white.