Leap Motion app review: Taking a leap with Jungle Jumper

Jungle Jumper is an inexpensive (US$2.99) game for use with the Leap Motion controller on macOS 10.7 and higher. It's fun -- once you get the controls to work properly.

In the "endless" platformer, you use your hand to aim and launch the hero from platform to platform, navigating him while he's airborne by tilting your palm. Mastering the moves is a bit tricky as slight tilting provides not-so-slight results. 

To increase your score, collect airborne coins as you fly through the night sky. The further you get, the faster you go, and the game gets increasingly difficult.

Jungle Jumper is great for a quick gaming fix once you get going. However, gameplay was marred as it occasionally stopped gameplay and asked me to relaunch the game. 

What's more, Jungle Jumper doesn't have much variety. For example, some of the background graphics seem to be "recycled" throughout the game. Also, you can only jump from one platform to the next; it takes a bit of patience to get to more challenging levels. On the other hand, since it takes time getting the hang of using the Leap Motion, this isn't a bad thing, at least for the first few times you play Jungle Jumper.

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