Cowboy up with the Sena Magnetic Holster for the iPhone

I've tried holster cases for the iPhone in the past and found that they would often pop off my belt if I bent over just so. However, that's not been a problem with the US$49.95 Sena Magnetic Holster for the iPhone 6s/6s Plus from Sena. This means it's the only holster case that I use regularly with my iPhone 6s Plus. 

The Magnetic Holster accommodates the smartphone with or without a thin snap-one case attached. However, the iPhone fits in VERY snugly, so it's going to have to be a paper slim snap-on case. I recommend using the Sena holster with an iPhone with only a screen protector applied

The Magnetic Holster offers quick access to all ports. It has a soft velvet lining with a light protective layer, a full top flap with magnetic closure, and a belt clip for positioning along the waist. 

As with all Sena products, it's hand-crafted from high quality, full grain, Italian leather. If you need quick access to your iPhone -- imagine whipping it out like a gunfighter in a western movie -- the Magnetic Holster is for you. Just be warned: the Apple smartphone is completely exposed to potential danger when it leaves the safety of the Sena case.