CES: the MusicBOOST, wireless charging pad, and more

The announcements are coming fast and furious at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Here are some of them….

Arcam has released the MusicBOOST for the iPhone. It’s designed to cut through the noise (literally) by extracting pure digital audio from the iPhone Lightning Port, feeding it via a Texas Instruments DAC and then amplifying it with an Arcam headphone amplifier.

FirstAlert debuted Wi-Fi connected, HomeKit-enabled devices including a safe, smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, indoor environment monitor, and a smart thermostat.

ConvenientPower announced the Rezence BSS 1.3 certified wireless charging transmitter pad "WoWme2 " which can power metal-encased mobile devices such as iPhones with dead or no batteries, a new feature in the recently issued BSS1.3 Rezence standard specifications. 

OneCook is described as “the world’s first consumer-centered robotic personal chef with patented advanced technology and online ingredient delivery platform.” The smart software programmed into OneCook reportedly uses data about food nutrients and the cooking process to guide the user into reaching their food quality expectations and health goals.