BlueLounge reimagines the Cableyoyo, creates a fun and useful accessory

BlueLounge Cableyoyo

BlueLounge Cableyoyo

Ten years ago at CES, a new company named BlueLounge showed off its first product -- the Cableyoyo. It was a flat, squared-off little device with a post in the middle that made it easy to tame long cords. Of course, back in those days those cords were usually charging cables for our Palm Treos... As a fun celebration of that first successful product, BlueLounge has announced a new Cableyoyo (US$9.95) that's perfect for keeping headphones and unruly cables under control.


The original Cableyoyo (see image below, right) made easy work of wrapping up long cables wrapping them around a central core. That made it simple to control the cables and pop 'em into a backpack or pocket. The new Cableyoyo does the same job while looking better and doing more.

The new (left) and old (photo, right) Cableyoyos

The new (left) and old (photo, right) Cableyoyos

Cableyoyo is now made of a silicone "doughnut" with a hollow interior that the cables fit wrap around. The core of the "doughnut" is a magnetic metal piece that -- when used with headphones or even items like Lightning cables -- attracts the loose ends to keep them under control.

The entire package is pretty small, just 2.75 inches in diameter by 0.68 inches thick. The silicone casing comes in light grey, dark grey and a sassy lime green.


Like the original, the new Cableyoyo is easy to use and remarkably efficient at gobbling up your cables. As you can see from the image at the top of this post, the Cableyoyo does a bang-up job of keeping earbud cables under control, even keeping the volume button/switch and plug end protected.

Just for grins, I took the longest, fattest Lightning cable I have -- a 10-foot fabric-wrapped cable -- and tried to see if the Cableyoyo would hold it. While it was bulging out of the sides a bit, it still accomplished the task of keeping that recalcitrant cable under control. Mission accomplished!


BlueLounge has developed a lot of innovative, useful and reasonably-priced products since the first Cableyoyo, but it's fun to see what they did with the original product. The new Cableyoyo is inexpensive and incredibly useful for keeping headphones and other cables nicely wrapped up. 

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★