Apple places second in J.D. Power 2015 Wireless Router Satisfaction Report

Apple placed second when it came to customer satisfaction with wireless routers, according to the J.D. Power 2015 Wireless Router Satisfaction Report. ASUS came in first. Apple routers include the AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express, and Time Capsule.

The 2015 Wireless Router Satisfaction Report is based on responses from 2,716 current owners of wireless routers who purchased their device during the 12-month period prior to report fielding in November 2015. Out of a possible 1,000 points on the Customer Satisfaction Index Score, ASUS had 838 points, while Apple had 835. According to the report:

  • Overall satisfaction among customers who say they "definitely will" or "probably will" purchase the same wireless router brand they currently own is 141 points higher than among those who say they "definitely will not" or "probably will not" repurchase the same brand in the future (834 vs. 693, respectively).
  • Nearly two in 10 (18%) customers experience problems with their wireless router. The most frequently experienced problems reported include slow Internet speeds (42%), frequency of resetting router (38%), initially connecting to the Internet (38%), limited Wi-Fi range (25%), installation process (20%) and slow upload/download speeds (20%).
  • The percentage of customers who access the Internet via a wireless router in their home varies by device. Most customers use a wireless router to connect their laptop (80%), followed by smartphone (73%), tablet (65%), desktop (55%), gaming console (51%), printer (51%), smart TV (39%) and streaming device/media player, such as Chromecast or Roku (37%).  
  • Price is the primary reason for choosing a wireless router brand (45%), followed by brand reputation (38%), range of signal strength (38%) and ease of use (35%)—e.g., simple to understand and connect to the Internet.
  • The average price paid for a wireless router is $108.