If Apple’s seeking companies to buy, it should look at Stream TV Networks

Pundits often throw out the names of companies they think Apple should buy. Let me toss another one into the ring: Stream TV Networks, which claims to have solved the two biggest limitations of 3D technology: the need to wear special glasses and the scarcity of 3D content.

At this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the company is showcasing the quality of Ultra-D, its award-winning proprietary hardware and software solution that allows users to watch all of their content in fully adjustable 4K glasses-free 3D. Also on display at CES for the first time will be a 28-inch Ultra-D PC monitor prototype and the company's first true 4K tablet-sized 10-inch Ultra-D panel for glasses-free 3D on the go. 

Ultra-D is a proprietary combination of hardware, middleware and software in sync. It introduces a proprietary optical stack matched to the sub-pixel level of the panel and adhered to the panel during the bonding process. The result is a display that allows the unassisted human eye to view live and recorded content in true 3D. How? The optical technology directs light from the sub-pixel level at an optimal angle to create a 3D image for the human eye.

Imagine iMacs, Mac laptops, iPhones, and iPads with 3D displays that required no glasses. Apple is certainly interested in 3D. It has filed various patents involving 3D interfaces such as patent number 20140055483 for a "computer user interface and method” and patent 9,154,677 for a 3D camera.