Apple Stores to expand into Latin America, flagship store planned for Mexico City

Apple may be on the road to expanding into Latin America with stores allegedly on the way for Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Peru. Sources speaking with both AppleInsider and MacRumors say that Apple is looking at two stores for Mexico City, one being a big flagship store based on the next-generation retail store design being used for new locations and with a high profile architectural look. 

Apple is currently recruiting existing retail employees for positions in Mexico, similar to what it did at the beginning of the current rapid expansion of Apple Stores in China. The in-house recruiting effort (see image below) ends January 18th, although that's no indication of how soon the expansion will begin in Mexico. Apparently other Mexican cities, such as Monterrey and Guadalajara, are also on the list for receiving stores.

Image courtesy of AppleInsider

Image courtesy of AppleInsider

In 2007, Apple looked at building a store in Mexico City in the Torre Mayor tower, the third-tallest building in Mexico. Negotiations for a lease of space apparently fell through and the store was never built. The first store will allegedly be built in Via Santa Fe, an upscale part of Mexico City's Centro Santa Fe complex. According to sources, Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts recently signed the lease on this location.

The flagship store will be the second store opened, planned as a large standalone building in an affluent shopping area. No timeframe has been set for the opening of the Mexico City stores.

Apple only has two stores in Latin America at this point, both in Brazil. The bulk of sales of Apple devices in the vast region come from third-party retail partners and online stores.