A hand-cranked iPhone case? Hey, why not?

Years ago there were rumors that Apple would release a laptop that could be hand-cranked to charge it up. Such a beast never arrived, but AMPware has announced an iPhone 6/6s hand-cranked generator case at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The AMPware case is now available for reservations with a March delivery expected. The power generating smartphone case is available for iPhone 6 and 6s for a retail price of $79.99.  It’s available in three new colors including black, volt, and dark green.

According to Mark Gabriel, co-founder of AMPware, the patent-pending charge case is simple to use. Cranking the fold-out handle for five minutes will give you up to one hour of normal use; plus the crank handle doubles as a kickstand for watching movies.  

Gabriel says that the AMPware Case makes “significantly” more power than solar cases and is perfect for generating power in any emergency. It’s designed to be wherever there isn't easy access to outlets or traditional chargers.