CES: Apollo, a personal cloud appliance/app combo, is coming soon to Apple stores

At this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), PROMISE Technology has marked its foray into the consumer electronics market with the unveiling of Apollo, a personal cloud appliance and app, that gives users and their circles or groups control over the storage and selective sharing of their digital content. It’s coming “soon” to Apple stores.

Designed with families, small businesses, and small office / home office in mind, Apollo allows a group of members to store, access and share selected data from wherever they happen to be.  According to the folks at PROMISE, Apollo is a small, quiet appliance that stores huge amounts of data — up to 4TB. 

Apollo’s mobile app offers access and playback of stored videos and other media content wherever the Internet is available. Each member gets private space and sharing control. Apollo enables friends and family to comment on and discuss shared content such as videos and photos within an entirely private environment.