Apple World Today: Our blueprint for 2016


We're now in 2016, and in just about a month Apple World Today celebrates its first year of existence. It hasn't been easy, but we are seeing some encouraging signs that tell us that the site may actually become more than an unintentional non-profit in the new year. 

So what is our site blueprint for 2016? Here are some ideas I came up with while on my "get away from blogging" holiday trip: 

1 - Podcast for Patrons

Our patrons are the people who pay the bill, and both Dennis and I feel that you deserve more than your own private Slack channel. So beginning this week, we'll be starting a weekly 30-minute podcast where we'll chat about what's happened recently, tell you about our favorite apps of the week, and all-in-all just give you a look into the world of Apple from our viewpoints. That podcast will be released to patrons first; we're still wondering if we should release it to the general public later. 

2 - Continue working with our guest contributors

Our guest contributors have been great. Whether it's Alex Jurgensen giving us his insight into the world of accessibility, a piece by the astounding tech blogger James Kendrick, a review or article about productivity by AWT co-founder Dave Caolo, or a look at Apple from the decidedly different viewpoint of editor Krystian Kozerawski, they've all given readers a diverse perspective on what it means to be an Apple fan. We'll continue working with these great folks, and hope to be adding some additional contributors as time goes by.

3 - More giveaways

Back in the TUAW days, we gave a lot of stuff away; everything from $600 speakers to cheap $10 iPhone cases. Sadly, the cost of shipping items and our lack of revenue made giveaways a no-show in 2015 with a few exceptions. Well, in 2016 we'll be bringing back more giveaways as an incentive for our patrons. Want a chance to win outstanding products from some of the best accessory manufacturers in the world of Apple? You'll need to be a patron. It's easy to do that - click that Patreon link, start giving through PayPal, or do a one-time donation through Plasso. All the ways of sending us money are in the sidebar at right (or at the bottom of the page if you're reading this on an iPhone).

 4 - Better editing

Umm, we sometimes send out posts before their time. You know what I mean - headlines that are missing a word, sentences that sense no make (I did that deliberately), or individual words that are missing or misspelled. Let me tell you just how hard it is to write, publish and edit when there are just two of us on the staff! We promise that in 2016 we'll be making more of an effort to give you a more professionally-edited product.  

5 - Metaliveblogs

Yep. We did one in 2015, a liveblog of an Apple event. We need to do more. Really.  

OK, do you have any items that you'd like to add to a wish list for 2016? Leave those ideas in the comments and we'll consider them, given our non-existent budget and lack of human resources. Thanks for being with us on this journey!