iPad Pro gains a Mac-like capability in iOS 9.3 beta 2: updating accessory firmware

Although the staff here at Apple World Today has varying opinions about the ability of the iPad Pro to serve as a "MacBook replacement", we agree on one thing -- the device can perform a lot of the same functions of a Mac. Now 9to5Mac is reporting that German developer Stefan Wolfrum discovered a new Mac-like capability for the iPad Pro -- being able to update the firmware of devices attached to the Smart Connector.

Wolfrum tweeted that iOS 9.3 beta 2 updated his Logitech Create iPad Pro keyboard with new firmware: 

This capability is actually quite impressive, given that doing firmware upgrades for accessories usually requires that the device be connected to a Mac or PC. As 9t05Mac's Ben Lovejoy notes, the Logitech Create Keyboard has had issues with connectivity through the Smart Connector, so hopefully the firmware update is designed to resolve those problems.