Apple predicted to sell another 20 million Macs this year

Apple's Mac shipments are expected to remain at a level similar to that of 2015 at around 20 million units in 2016, while new MacBook and iMacs are expected to boost the company's overall product ASPs [average selling prices], reports DigiTimes, quoting unnamed “sources from the supply chain.”

Twenty million is the most Macs ever sold in a year. The previous record was 18.91 million in 2014.

These sources say that makers in the supply chain will start producing new 12- and 13.3-inch MacBooks at the end of the first quarter or in early second quarter, and 15-inch models in the third quarter. The article doesn’t clarify if that means laptops based on the 12-inch MacBook with Retina Display, MacBook Airs, or MacBook Pros, but I’m guessing it means all three.

Apple shipped 5.312 million laptops in the fourth quarter of 2015. That’s down 7% from the previous quarter and 4% from a year earlier. For all of 2015, Mac shipments were up 4.03% to 20.38 million units, and Mac revenues increased 2.61% to $25.273 billion, according to the company. Shipments of iMac products totaled about five million units in 2015, according to DigiTimes.