Mount up that Apple TV with TotalMount Pro

The fourth gen Apple TV is a very cool upgrade of the set-top box. However, people with wall-mounted televisions often wonder where to put their new Apple TV (or a second or third generation model).

No problem thanks to a TV mount dubbed TotalMount Pro. It attaches the Apple set-top box to the back of your television.

TotalMount Large.jpg

Wall-mounted TV owners previously struggled with tunneling an HDMI cable from a television through a wall to an Apple TV. Running an HDMI cable through a wall is too destructive and time-consuming for many people. The $30 TotalMount Pro makes Apple TV installation simple by attaching the Apple TV to the back of the television.  

This installation method positions the Apple set-top box for easy access to the HDMI port on the back of the television. Of course, a power cord is still necessary, but most wall-mounted televisions have a power outlet behind the television.

You get a charging remote holder that attaches to the back or side of your TV, allowing you to keep the Siri Remote in a secure place while maintaining a full battery charge. The holder helps you you avoid losing your remote.