What will Apple have to release after an Apple Car to please its critics? Robots? Time travel machines?

Apple has given us more revolutionary products than most companies have or ever will: the Mac, the iPhone, and the iPad (the Apple Watch and Apple TV are fine products, but not revolutionary — at least yet). Still, many industry “experts” weep and moan that the company is stuck in a rut because it didn’t release a world-changing product in 2015 and may not in 2016.

Apparently, according to these pundits, the company will barely hang on by its fingernails until it drives out an Apple Car in, say, another five years or so. 

Even though such a project has never been officially confirmed, let’s imagine that an Apple-branded car does indeed drive out in 2020 and is unlike any other auto to ever hit the market. 

Apple Car.jpg

Apple’s stock goes through the roof. The world rejoices. The experts are happy once again.

But what happens after that? 

Here’s a likely scenario: the Apple Boat arrives in 2022 and the Apple Copter in 2024. Both sell well, but the doomsday analysts dismiss them as mere variations of the Apple Car concept.

Apple’s stock goes down. Pundits tell us that the company is growing irrelevant. In other words, Apple is doomed. Again.

But wait. In 2030, the company launches the Apple Bot, a true personal digital assistant (sorry, Siri). It’s an android (sorry, Google) with the most advanced AI ever created and is as functional as any human butler ever was. The Apple Bot can do all the chores in your Apple House, because, well naturally, the company also unveils the most advanced, energy efficient dwelling in the world.

Yay! The experts tell us that Apple is back on track and is innovating again. The company isn’t doomed, after all.

But wait. It’s 2035. The Apple Bot and Apple House are old news. The pundits are weeping again, walking about in sackcloth and ashes, proclaiming the end of the world for Apple.

If only the company would build the rumored Apple Transporter, then all would be well again. Or perhaps the Apple Jetpack. Or ….

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