Mac sales in China grew 27% year-over-year

Apple’s Mac, which continues to buck the trend of an eroding consumer PC, saw 27% year-over-year growth from the first fiscal quarter of 2015 to the first quarter of fiscal 2016, according to Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri.

In its fiscal 2016 first quarter that ended Dec. 26, 2015, Apple saw its third strongest Mac quarter ever with 5.312 million units sold. However, it was the second strongest in terms of revenue on the backs of rising average selling prices. The average Mac cost $1,270 last quarter.

The Mac leveraged the consumer-heavy, 2015 holiday season to retake third place with a 12.7% share of the U.S. personal computer market, according to the latest data from the IDC research group. The Mac has gained market share for 35 out of the last 36 quarters.

According to IDC, the top five U.S. personal computer vendors, and their market share, are: HP (28.1%), Dell (23.9%), Apple (12.7%; that’s up 8.9% year-over-year), Lenovo (12.5%), and ASUS (7.1%). Apple is also now in fourth place when it comes to global PC market share. According to IDC the top five global vendors, and their market share, are: Lenovo (20.7%); HP (19.4%), Dell (14.1%; that’s up 6.2% year-over-year); Apple (7.5%), and Acer (7.1%).

The Gartner research group, in new report, has Apple’s US market share at 12.8%, and its global PC market share at 7.5%.