This week's sponsor: younity

The Apple World Today sponsor for this week is younity, a cross-platform personal streaming app that goes beyond iCloud to bring syncing of documents, music, photos and videos to all of your devices.

younity is a free download for your iOS, Mac, or Windows devices (Android app coming soon). Once installed, it creates a personal cloud that you use to stream files between your devices. younity doesn’t store your files or even your file metadata.

Setup is incredibly easy; you just install younity on every device you want to connect. There’s no syncing required, network configuration to hassle with, or any worries about whether or not you have enough storage left on some service’s servers. Here’s a video showing exactly now younity works:

younity organizes your videos by file type, with movies, TV shows, and home videos all having their own sections. GoPro owners even get a separate GoPro section for their action videos. Your music can be browsed by Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres, Playlists and Podcasts, making it easy to find and enjoy your tunes. Want to share iTunes playlists? Merge iTunes accounts? Listen to music that’s not even in iTunes? younity does it all, and streaming from the younity app to your AirPlay devices makes listening a pleasure.

younity is more than just music and videos — your photos can also be searched, accessed, and shared from the younity app. Users of Adobe Lightroom and Apple’s Photos app will find that their libraries can be viewed exactly the way they are seen on a desktop or laptop computer.

When you’re away from the computer that your media is stored on, you can still privately share anything without worrying about file size limits. Best of all, younity is free. In the future, younity will provide premium accounts with expanded features.

We’re thrilled to tell Apple World Today users all about younity and hope that you’ll give it a try soon. Download the Mac and iOS apps today.

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