NetBase: thanks to the Apple Watch, watches are having a renaissance as luxury items

By examining more than 700 million social conversations across 80 countries, NetBase, which conducts enterprise-scale social media analytics, found that luxury brands (as defined by consumers on social media) is taking on a new look with the inclusion of the first smart watch as a “luxury brand.” According to the “NetBase Brand Passion Report: Luxury Brands,” watches are having a new renaissance with the emergence of the Apple Watch.

In fact, the Apple watch was the only smart watch defined by consumers as a “luxury brand.” On the downside for Apple, the iPad fell out of the luxury conversation. 

Overall luxury conversation grew by 75%, according to NetBase. The top 15 luxury brands more than doubled their brand conversation in social media.

The “NetBase Brand Passion Report: Luxury Brands” examines what consumers are talking about on social media within the category of “luxury,” with further detail into specific subsets. The report looked at more than 700 million posts across luxury, watches and commerce. The social posts spanned over 80 countries.

According to NetBase, in 2015, the category of “watches” saw “great momentum” on the heels of the Apple Watch launch. Among the Top 45 luxury brand conversations, watches account for 7% of mentions.