Apple reportedly implements a hiring freeze on its Apple Car project

AppleInsider reports that Apple has implemented a hiring freeze for its Apple Car after "executives became unhappy with the project's direction and progress.” (However, keep in mind that Apple has never confirmed such a project is in the works.)

Quoting an unnamed “previously reliable source with knowledge of the [car] team's activities," the article says the freeze followed a progress review by Jony Ive, who "expressed his displeasure" with the electric car’s progress. This follows a report from the WSJ saying that Steve Zadesky, the Ford vet in charge of Titan (which is bandied about as the codename of the project), is leaving Apple for "personal reasons.”

Apple is believed to have over 1,000 people working on Titan, and has hired engineers and execs from Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, and other automakers. The WSJ has reported Apple is aiming for a 2019 launch date.

Bloomberg Business claims that Apple, “which has been working secretly on a car, is pushing its team to begin production of an electric vehicle as early as 2020.” 9to5Mac has compiled a list of automotive experts hired by Apple and says “it’s clear Apple’s ambitions go well beyond just its iOS-based CarPlay in-dash system.” BGR notes any “Applemobile” will likely be an electric car of some kind, especially given Apple CEO Tim Cook’s dedication to expanding the use of greener energy.

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