OWC’s Power2U can eliminate cable and power adapter clutter

OWC's Power2U is a gadget that lets you power iOS or other USB equipped mobile devices without a bulky adapter. The advantage: it eliminates clutter created by multiple cables and power adapters.

The UL approved AC/USB wall outlet lets you power and charge up to four devices simultaneously. Power2U is designed for homes with users of multiple USB devices, and if you're reading this, you almost certainly fall into this category. The Power2U installs on any 15A circuit with a 16-cubic inch electrical box to blend into the wall as a standard power outlet. 

Installation takes about 20-25 minutes (you can find a how-to install video here). If watching the video makes you nervous -- or if, like me, you've zapped yourself during home improvement projects -- you can get a certified electrician to install it for you. 

You'll need to turn off your power at the breaker. And you'll need both Phillips and flathead screwdrivers. Also note that you'll need a big enough outlet box to install the Power2U. I had no problems in my home office, but you should open up your wall box and make sure it's at least 16 cubic inches.

The Power2U offers two energy efficient features. The Smart Power design only outputs enough charging power required by the attached device, while spring-loaded Safety Shutters turn power off to the USB ports when a connecting cable is removed. 

If you're a confident DIY'er or don't mind paying an electrician, the Power2U offers a solid way to deal with the proliferation of USB power cables in your home or office. You can, for instance, keep your iPhone and iPad chargers in your backpack and just use the OWC device. Plus, you'll free up an AC outlet or two for other uses.

The Power2U costs $45.98 for a two-pack. If you really need A LOT of ‘em, you can buy 100 for $2,299. The Power2U comes in white and black flavors.