Samson Meteor M2 Speaker System brings retro chic and big sound to your Mac

We review a lot of wireless speakers here at Apple World Today, so today's going to be something a bit different. The Samson Meteor M2 Speaker System (US$72.95 via Amazon, affiliate link) is a wired system that delivers loud and clear sound when connected to your Mac or any other sound source.


The look of the Meteor M2 speakers can only be described as "retro chic", as the speakers have that "grilled" look of old microphones. The speakers are a matched stereo set, each with a 2.5 inch driver and a rear-ported passive radiator. An included 3.5mm male to male cable connects the right speaker to the headphone port on your device (Mac or iOS), while another cable connects the right and left speakers. An AC adapter "brick" is included to power the speakers.

The right speaker has a blue LED on the front of it to let you know when the speaker power has been turned on, as well as a power/volume switch on the side. The speakers have a silicone pad on the bottom to prevent them from moving or buzzing when you have the volume cranked. Made from zinc die cast metal, these are surprisingly heavy speakers for the size -- each one weighs about 2.5 pounds. Size-wise, they're about 3 inches wide, 5.75 inches tall, and about 3.5 inches deep. 

Samson Meteor M2 Speaker System (right speaker). Photo©2016, Steven Sande

Samson Meteor M2 Speaker System (right speaker). Photo©2016, Steven Sande


After trying tons of wireless speakers, I was pleasantly surprised by the Meteor M2 system. It takes up a lot less space than many of the wireless boxes, produces better sound, and doesn't require constant recharging. 

I did my usual test of the speakers, which includes playing everything from classical to jazz, hard rock to hip-hop. The sound quality was crisp and clear, and if volume is what you're looking for -- say for watching movies on your 5K iMac or gaming -- you're going to get it. 

The one thing I have to say about having this set of speakers set up at opposite ends of my 27-inch iMac is that I get incredible stereo separation, something you'll never equal with even the best headphones. You can really feel the music, which in my opinion really adds to the enjoyment of whatever you're listening to. Whether it's a recent digital recording or an original session recording from the 1950s, that vibration in your body from the music emanating from the speakers adds another dimension to your listening pleasure. 

Sure, it might be that way with any speakers you can hook up to your Mac. I find the M2s to be unobtrusive in terms of size (especially next to the iMac), but powerful and big in terms of size. And just think -- you'll never have to worry about pairing the speakers or suffer through another Bluetooth audio dropout.


With a fun design, rugged construction, and the ability to really push out sound with great fidelity, I'd recommend the Samson Meteor M2 Speaker System to any Mac user who wants a pair of connected speakers for enjoying music or soundtracks. At less than $75 on Amazon, these speakers provide music reproduction that's better than what I've heard from speakers costing hundreds of dollars more. For more information, check out the Samson web page for the Meteor M2 speakers

I can't wait to hook 'em up to my iPad Pro with the new version of GarageBand on it!

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★