NeatDesk for Mac makes it easier to go paperless

The NeatDesk isn’t a new product, but it’s a convenient one for going paperless. The Sellers household isn’t completely paperless, but we’re getting there.

The NeatDesk is a $399.95 desktop scanner and digital filing system developed by The Neat Company. It combines Neat’s ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) scanner and the company’s NeatWorks for Mac software, which identifies and extracts the information from receipts, business cards, and documents through OCR and parsing technology. 

The paper input tray allows you to insert up to 10 receipts, 10 business cards and 10 full-size documents, and scan them all in a single batch. Or you can remove the tray to scan up to 50 letter-size pages at once. You can even perform double-sided scanning in a single pass. 

Images can be saved in JPEG, PDF and other popular formats. Data can be sent to the Mac OS X Address Book and other software applications. The Neat software reads U.S. and Canadian receipts and business cards.

The NeatWorks software looks and feels "Mac-like." It features drag 'n drop functionality, Smart Collections, and is completely integrated with Spotlight. You can even import electronic receipts or documents into NeatWorks simply by printing from any application.

With the NeatDesk hardware and NeatWorks software combo you can do things like:

  • Manage finances by creating budget reports and saving receipts for tax returns
  • Archive important documents such as medical documents, insurance forms, travel plans and confirmations, and more
  • Scan business cards and sync contacts with Address Book
  • Create a keyword searchable digital recipe box
  • Create editable PDF files
  • Organize and store in a digital file system
  • Document important memories such as children’s artwork, writing, and report cards

At 400 bucks, the NeatDesk isn’t a spur-of-the-moment purchase. However, if you truly want to eliminate or cut down on the use of paper, it’s pretty neat.