Radmo's car mounts keep your mini tablet, smartphone or GPS at your fingertips

Radmo for Mini Tablet/GPS. Photo©2016, Steven Sande

Radmo for Mini Tablet/GPS. Photo©2016, Steven Sande

Back in the old days, I had a Garmin GPS unit that was stuck to my windshield. It was very useful when I was a consultant and needed to find my way to clients, but it often fell off the window when the weather got warm. Nowadays, I use my iPhone for finding my way around and it does a pretty darned good job, held in place by a vent-type car mount. Sometimes you may want a car mount that can hold something bigger than an iPhone or even hold a pair of iPhones at once, and that's where the Radmo car mounts discussed here are perfect.


Radmo mounts are the result of a very successful Indiegogo campaign that raised over US$250,000. The inventors realized that windshield mounts were not only subject to coming loose, but that they are illegal in most US states and a number of other countries. So they looked at a rather underused location in automobiles since the dawn of the digital age -- the CD player -- and realized that the car's CD slot is a natural place to mount a phone or even a small tablet.

There are four models available: Radmo for Mini Tablet/GPS (US$29), Radmo Dual ($28 - $32), Radmo Twin ($34) and Radmo Classic ($23 - $27). Each of the models uses a base plate that fits into the CD slot, and for those models with two prices, the lower price uses a nylon base plate while the more expensive model uses coated aluminum as the material.

As you'd assume from the name, the Radmo for Mini Tablet/GPS is designed for use with tablets of up to 8-inch screen size or with GPS receivers. The Radmo Dual works with smartphones, smaller GPS receivers, or smartphones with thick cases. It can also take a big smartphone like the iPhone 6s Plus and hold it in landscape (horizontal) orientation. The Radmo Twin is very unique, providing two sets of arms for holding two smartphones, and the Radmo Classic is the original design, holding a smartphone of up to 5-inch screen size in either landscape or portrait orientation.

Connected to the base plate with included thumbscrews and nuts are two vertical arms. Those arms have a flexible arc built into them to push against your device, and if it's still too thin, Radmo provides pads that ensure a snug fit. In fact, Radmo includes instructions for a number of situations since not every device (in a case or not) will fit into the arms properly nor does every car have a CD slot that's the same width. Through a number of adhesive foam pads and oval washers, it's possible to get the mount customized to your devices and vehicles.


Since I already have a car mount that I'm happy with, I decided that my test would be to see if I could mount my iPad mini (2nd-generation without a case) in my car using the Radmo for Mini Tablet/GPS. 

Assembly was fast and required no tools. There's a small Ziplock bag containing all of the hardware, and to start I simply placed one screw on each arm and tightened the nuts, then moved the arms apart until my iPad mini sat perfectly centered. Not having a case on the device, it was quite loose in the arms. Never fear; the instructions said to "cut the sticky foam pads in half, attach each pad to a Radmo arm arch, use one or two layers as needed." One layer was sufficient.

For testing the mount in the car I took the tools and instructions along with me and slid the metal base into the CD slot. There was very little play, but I did add an oval washer to each side of the base to insure that there would be no wobble at all. It's easy to pull the device out and put it back in.

The Radmo mounts do not stop your CD player from functioning. You just need to remember to pull the Radmo out before ejecting a disk from the player.


Radmo's car mounts make use of a place in your car's dashboard that you may not use -- the CD player -- and work even if you do listen to CDs while you drive. The price is reasonable for the mounts given what I've seen for other less flexible devices. My only concerns would be that the Radmo mount screws might loosen on rough roads and that some people might find the fitting process too onerous (it isn't). 

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★