iQunix Zand iPhone/iPad stand: More flexible than a gymnast

Just yesterday Dennis did a review of the Just Mobile AluBolt, a docking station for the iPhone 5 through 6s Plus, iPad mini, and iPod touch (fifth and sixth generation). Pretty flexible, isn't it? Well, what would you think about a stand that can hold any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch ever made? That's the iQunix Zand iPhone/iPad Stand (US$39.99, affiliate link), the latest of a genre of device stands that use micro-suction material and aluminum to keep your device in an upright position.


The Zand features a design that is incredibly flexible, as it can be placed in several different positions depending on the device you're attaching and the orientation of the device. There are two big micro-suction pads, and you can flop the stand around in various orientations for the best possible view.

If you want to keep your device firmly attached to a table or desk on a moving surface (say, the bridge of a ship), you can use the largest micro-suction pad to slap it onto the table and then use the iPad (up to an iPad Pro) in either landscape or portrait orientation with two small silicone bumpers to keep it from moving. There's a cable "hole" through which you can snake your own Lightning charging cable.

For a more vertical stand, use the bottom (smaller) micro-suction pad to attach the device to the table or desk, then use the large pad to hold your iPad or iPhone. There are really a lot of possibilities with the Zand.


During my testing I tried the Zand with everything from an iPhone 5s to an iPad Pro, and in several different orientations. The micro-suction material sticks well to just about anything, either device or furniture, and leaves no residue when you remove it. 

Even with a large and fairly heavy device like the iPad Pro, I found that the Zand held it firmly in place. The stand itself weighs only 8.5 ounces (240.97 grams), so if you need to carry the Zand from place to place you're not going to be lugging a lot of bulk around. 


While the Zand isn't the first micro-suction equipped aluminum stand we've seen, it's certainly quite flexible and is well built. Especially for iPad Pro owners who might want to turn their big tablet into a "mini-iMac", it's a very useful accessory.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★