4,800 workers at Irish Apple facilities evacuated after bomb threat

Apple Hollyhill site evacuation. Photo via  independent.ie

Apple Hollyhill site evacuation. Photo via independent.ie

The Irish Times is reporting that a bomb threat was made against Apple's operations in Ireland today, resulting in the evacuation of 4,800 employees for several hours before they were allowed to return to work. 

Apple received several threatening emails, and the threat was posted on the website of Garda Siochána, the national police force for the Republic of Ireland, at about 8:20 AM local time. Police started the evacuations at three locations near Cork -- an iMac assembly plant at the Hollyhill campus, a facility in Lavitts Quay, and the Model Farm Road site. After a search of the facilities uncovered no dangerous devices, employees were allowed back to work. 

It's uncertain who made the threat and what their motive was. Apple is expanding its presence in Ireland, expecting to add a thousand new jobs in both manufacturing and customer service in the near future.