Belight Software releases Get Backup Pro 3

No matter how many times we tech bloggers remind readers to back up their Macs, we still hear horror stories about users who have lost valuable documents and priceless family photos because they didn't get on a regular backup schedule. Belight Software today released Get Backup Pro 3 ($19.99, free trial available), the latest iteration of its backup app that does a lot more than just back up your data.

In the past, many Mac pros have used OS X's Time Machine app to perform hourly backups, then use another app like Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper! to create bootable backups. For those who rely on their Macs and can't have a few hours of downtime in case of a drive failure, bootable backups are a necessity as they can get a user back up and running in minutes. Now Get Backup Pro 3 provides bootable backups as well. 

The app has a long list of key features:

  • Incremental and compressed backups
  • Bootable backups
  • Folder synchronization (unidirectional and bidirectional)
  • Automated backup and sync
  • Templates for app data
  • Encrypted archived backups (using AES-128, AES-256, Blowfish or Triple DES encrpytion)
  • Three backup archive types (full, versioned, or incremental)
  • Ability to backup to external or network volumes
  • Backup to CD/DVD without third-party burning software
  • Restore to any Mac without having Get Backup Pro 3 installed

The app data templates are especially intriguing, as they offer a way to back up only data from specific system apps like iTunes, Mail, Contacts, and Photos or the Documents folder. Compressed backups can reduce the size of a user backup archive as much as 60%, so it will be a long while before you need to buy a larger backup drive. And for users in workgroups who want to keep projects in sync without the concern of putting their data in the cloud, the syncing capability is highly useful.

Get Backup Pro 3 is $9.99 to existing users, while those who have the Mac App Store version of the app can get the upgrade to add more features.