MBLM: Apple Watch users view it as ‘non-essential,’ but are optimistic about its future

MBLM, the “Brand Intimacy Agency” says its findings show that owners are cooling on the Apple Watch, viewing it as cool but non-essential, but are still optimistic about its future. 

“Overall, our panel members continue to like the watch. A few are happy with it; a few are indifferent; many have lost that loving feeling. Most view it as a watch that does some cool tricks,” says MBLM. “Expectations have become more realistic, and although some panel members are underwhelmed, few are completely disappointed.”

The watch appears to have an increasingly narrow cast for MBLM’s panel members. Most use it mainly for one specific function—notifications, the activity monitor, or answering texts and calls. The idea of wearing the watch some of the time (3–5 days per week) also seems to be growing in popularity. MBLM panel users are finding it agreeable as a part-time accessory. (By the way, I can’t find any info on how many members are included on the panel.)

On the bright side, even among those who are underwhelmed with the watch today, feelings toward the watch and Apple remain positive and optimistic. Although most of MBLM panel members believe that the watch has a long way to go, they are confident that it will eventually improve.

MBLM’s study also features a “wish list” for Apple Watch 2 features. Among the major improvement panel members want are: the addition of a camera; contextual reminders based on location; better voice recognition; more independence from the iPhone; faster processing; and waterproofing.

Apple doesn't release sales figures for the Watch, but has repeatedly noted that sales are growing.