Apple gets a 70% satisfaction rating in IT client relationship study

According to the “Product and Relationship Satisfaction of IT Clients, 2016” from the Temkin Group — a customer experience research, consulting, and training firm — Apple has a 70% satisfaction rating.

The report rates 62 technology vendors based on feedback from 800 IT decision makers within large North American organizations. The research examines eight areas of satisfaction; four that deal with products and services and four that examine relationships. Tech vendors earned the highest satisfaction level for innovation (64%) and the lowest for cost of ownership (56%).

Five tech vendors earned satisfaction levels of 70% or more across the eight areas:  Intel (74%), Google (73%), HP outsourcing (73%), IBM SPSS (71%), and Apple (70%). At the other end of the spectrum, three vendors earned average satisfaction levels below 50%: Cognizant (49%), Sage (49%), and Unisys (46%).

Over the previous year, satisfaction levels increased across all eight dimensions. The overall average satisfaction increased from 55% to 61%. The largest improvement was in product/service quality (+11 percentage-points) and the smallest increase was in cost of ownership (+1 point).