What's coming in iOS 9.3: Night Shift, Secure Notes, Updated News and more

As we reported earlier, Apple released a developer beta of iOS 9.3 today. It's expected that the company will release a public beta soon, and if the new features are any indication a lot of iPhone and iPad users may want to join in on the beta-testing fun. Apple has an iOS 9.3 preview page up now that shows a lot of the features that will be coming to the platform soon.

First, there's good news for those of us who like to use our iPhones and iPads in the evening hours before going to bed. Apple has announced a new feature called Night Shift that -- based on your location and clock -- shifts the colors on your iOS display from the usual cool bluish tones to warmer tones, making the light easier on your eyes and hopefully making it easier for you to fall asleep. In the morning, the display is back to its regular tones. 

Next, Apple has added password and Touch ID protection to the Notes app, meaning that it's safe to start leaving those private items in Notes. Notes can be sorted by date created or modified, or alphabetically. 

The News app will add "better personalization" than it currently has (editor's note: I hope so. I don't use the app now because I get a lot of unwanted crap) and there will be an "Editor's Pick" section as well for news discovery. On iPhone, you'll now be able to see everything in landscape orientation instead of being stuck in portrait.

The Health app has a new slider that also helps discovery, in this case the discovery of new and useful health-related applications that can be added to your Health dashboard. The Health App will FINALLY display move, exercise, and stand data from the Apple Watch. 

Finally, CarPlay adds several new features -- New and For You in Apple Music (once again to ease discovery of new music) and a Nearby feature in Maps to give you an idea of what services are available nearby. 

All of these features are in addition to the new items for the educational market that were discussed in our earlier post about the iOS 9.3 beta. It looks like iOS 9.3 -- when it is finally released -- will provide a lot for users to be happy about.