Welcome back, Default Folder! You've been sorely missed

I’m thrilled that one of my favorite Mac utilities — St. Clair Software's Default Folder X is now compatible with Mac OS X El Capitan. Since upgrading to the latest version of the operating system, I’ve missed this tool, which enhances Open and Save dialogs and offers features that Apple should build into OS X.

Default Folder lets you access the contents of your recent, favorite, and open folders right from Default Folder X's toolbar. Its hierarchical pop-up menus expand as you mouse over them, letting you navigate your folders to get to your files. You can assign a keyboard shortcut for all of your favorite folders. If an Open and Save dialog isn't open, then you can use Default Folder X's menu bar, Dock icon, or keyboard shortcuts.

If you're constantly saving things inside the same folder, Default Folder X can remember that folder for you. You can even set a different default folder for each application you use.

Default Folder X lets you open up or save to any Finder window with a single click. It also lets you get info on, rename, and delete existing files, putting the Finder's power in every Open and Save dialog. to help you quickly return to folders you've recently used, Default Folder X remembers them for you. It can even rebound to the last file you used in all your recent folders.

Default Folder X lets you add Spotlight keywords, OpenMeta tags, and Finder labels on the spot, while you're still in the Save dialog. It even remembers keywords you've used before and automatically completes them as you type.

With the recently released version 5, Default Folder gets some useful enhancements, as well as El Capitan compatibility  (with System Integrity Protection turned on or off). There’s now support for tabbed Finder windows in the Finder-click feature. Default folders can be applied by file extension as well as by application. Hierarchical menus can now display all folders before files.

Default Folder 5 also offers: tracking of recent files as well as recent folders; an integrated menu in the Finder's toolbar; configurable keyboard shortcuts; more information displayed for selected files; file/folder tagging with draggable recent tags; a new drag ‘n drop sidebar for quick access to files and folders. Finally, there’s an updated user interface for setting preferences, adding favorites and setting default folders

As I said, the St. Clair app offers features that Apple should be building into the Mac OS X. But since it's not, do yourself a favor and spring for Default Folder.

Default Folder is compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 and higher. Version 5 is a $14.95 paid upgrade for version 4 users who purchased their licenses before June 1, 2015. For users who purchased on or after June 1, the upgrade is free. Default Folder X costs $34.95 for new users.