Udemy sees 'tremendous' increase in iOS 9 development courses

In a report summary sent to AppleWorld.Today, Udemy, an online education marketplace, reports it has seen a "tremendous" increase in interest for web development courses after Apple’s iOS 9 beta release compared to its iOS 8 release last September. Of note:

  • Within the first month of the iOS 9 beta release in July 2015, nearly 20,000 students enrolled in Udemy iOS9 web development courses, as compared to about 2,000 student enrollments in these courses in the month after the iOS 8 release in September 2014 – marking a 10x increase in student enrollments in iOS 9 courses compared to iOS 8
  • Within the first two months of its iOS 9 beta release in July 2015, the number for iOS 9 enrollments jumped to approximately 40,000 students on Udemy  – about 8x more enrollments than the iOS 8 release received in the same time period last year  (~5,000)
  • The data is all the more surprising given Android has grabbed 80% of the smartphone market share.

"Apple continues to be enormously compelling for the developer community," says Udemy CEO Dennis Yang. "Udemy has seen ten times higher enrollment in Udemy’s iOS 9 development courses than in iOS 8 courses during the first month of their respective releases."