Pad & Quill Classic Band for Apple Watch

Up to this point, the only band that I had on my 42mm Space Gray Apple Watch Sport Edition was the standard plain black sport band. Now, I have no complaints with the band -- it's comfortable, lightweight, and flexes with my arm -- but it's just plain boring. So it was with a great deal of excitement that I installed a new Pad & Quill Classic Band for Apple Watch (US$89.95) on my Watch. Read on for a full review.


If you like classic leather watch bands, then you'll be completely in love with the Classic Band. Like all of Pad & Quill's products, it is handmade and even signed on the back by the artisan who did the leatherwork. That's a personal touch that you just don't find on the impersonal, machine-made bands that Apple sells. You'd think that for $149, perhaps Apple could grace its leather Classic Buckle band with a signature, but nooooo. 

The Pad & Quill Classic Band comes in four different finishes, each of which can be matched with one of two different metals -- black or stainless steel. The leather comes in British Tan, Whiskey, Chocolate, and Galloper black, hand stitched to perfection to a back layer of leather. On my Whiskey band, that backing layer was what appeared to be British Tan leather. 

The band is exquisite, using what is called a French Hemmed Seam. The leather is soft to the touch, using a soft tumble technique to create a pliable and luxurious feel. As with all of Pad & Quill's products, there's a signature single orange stitch that's located on the back of one of the buckle loops. That orange stitch is a P&Q acknowledgement of World Vision, a global charity that the company supports wholeheartedly. 


Having never installed another Apple Watch band before, I didn't know what to expect. Fortunately the process is simple enough that even I could do it. You just press down on a small button on the back of the watch near each band connection, then slide the band off to one side or the other. Installing a new band simply involves sliding the metal connector into the same slot. 

The Classic Band feels very good on the wrist. Pad & Quill notes that it is designed to fit wrists in the 130 to 210 mm circumference range. I like the look of the leather against the space gray Watch, and even though my review band didn't come with the black metal, it still looked great as the stainless steel provided a nice contrasting pop. 

I have to hand it to Pad & Quill for producing such a high-quality handcrafted Apple Watch band and selling it for less than 2/3 of what Apple charges for much less "personality". 


Pad & Quill did a great job with design and execution of the Classic Band for Apple Watch, a Watch band that you'll be happy to wear for years to come. The price is reasonable, the look is elegant and refined, and the comfort is astounding. Note that if you use our affiliate ad in the sidebar (unless your ad blocker has killed it...) to browse the Pad & Quill site, you'll get 5% off of your purchase of any product and we'll get a nice bit of support, too. 

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★